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DragonForce "Maximum Overload" 2014 - Review - English Version

If you're on the fast track and still are overtaken by six kindly-faced men, then it could be that Dragonforce with their opener of their current album whizzed past you. As if they were in a hurry, they show off a speed that gives you the feeling that even the snare drum cannot keep up. Furious entry, which is accentuated again and again with a thrash metal-like acceleration. "The Game", the name of the first track, set between its speed are also great harmonies given off and gives the song the necessary recognition. 

Before it goes back into the fast lane, I want to quickly show off with a few facts. Dragonforce, the speed and power metal band from London, was founded in 1999. With their album "Maximum Overload" they offer their now sixth studio album. Sam Totman and Herman Li (both guitar) are the only remaining founding member of the six-piece band. In addition to numerous singles, Dragonforce has also published in 2010 a live album, which is entitled "Twilight Dementia". 

Buckle up, it continues inexorably, because unlike some genre greats, Dragonforce does not forget where their fan base is coming from. They also didn’t have to be asked twice and already bring with "Tomorrow's Kings" and "No More" two more neck breakers into the race. "Three Hammers" follows on the heels and might not be the fastest track on the list, but is probably the best of the bunch. After its proper style introduction, this song is being passed over an exceptionally awesome bridge into the chorus. The bridge is what makes "Three Hammers" an absolute highlight on the album "Maximum Overload". Certainly the melody of the chorus dismisses the listener completely satisfied in the next two-thirds of the long player, but what happens at minute 1:20 is truly masterful. Marc Hudson (on board since 2011) leaves here in a superb way; the always repeating vocal lines.

Our royal dragoons offer on "Maximum Overload" all that the inclined Melodic Metal fan holds dear. Recognizable song structures, a lot of melodies, fiddling so the hog in the barn is happy and everything in a pleasingly high pace. "Symphony Of The Night" (Track 5) is second to no one and closes the first part of the album in a solid way. "The Sun Is Dead", over six minutes long- but for their standards a midtempo song - pulls out all the stops and provides an impressive demonstration of how short six minutes can be when melody and compositional skill strike mercilessly. Pure performance, gentlemen. 

Who now thinks Dragonforce could slowly …why am I even using this word at all… leave the fast lane, will be disabused in the following three songs. "Extraction Zone" (Track 8) begins even like a real Death Metal song, only to the troubled maniac to knock the last millet from the upper story. At the end of "Extraction Zone" it reveals compositional depth and continues the crazy roller coaster ride to "Maximum Overload". The official part the six guys finish with "City Of Gold", a classically structured melodic grenade that brings "Maximum Overload" to the finish line.

"Ring Of Fire" - who does not know this song – is an addition on the album. Whoever wants to consume a Johnny Cash classic - accelerated with nitro -should strongly attract this high-performance version of the radar bags. By all the gods, It cannot get any faster.

Final word: "Maximum Overload" is damn fast, packed with riff emphasized songs, offers Dragon Force, as always, many solos, exudes good humor without end and contains what each maniac expects when he pushes Dragonforce into the player: flawless Melodic Metal in the tube speed. No banter. Heavy recommendation.

Translation: Sandra Frei 

Foto & Cover: Oktoberpromotion

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