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Dying Fetus - Interview im Lido Berlin 14.11.2014 - Teil 1

Als Dying Fetus ihre aktuellen Tourdaten für 2014 ankündigten und das Berliner Lido in der Liste der Termine zu finden war, wussten wir, Laura wird Dying Fetus ihre Aufwartung machen. Einem Interview sollte somit nichts im Wege stehen, dachten wir. Der alltägliche Tour-Wahnsinn, gestresste Manager oder was auch immer, führten dazu, dass vor Ort wieder einmal alles drunter und drüber ging, und das trotz eindeutiger Bestätigung seitens der europäischen Vertretung des Labels. Wir waren nicht die Einzigen vor Ort, die diesem Durcheinander die Stirn bieten mussten.

Also nahmen wir es nicht persönlich und außerdem gab es ja da noch Laura, die diesen Weg definitiv nicht umsonst angetreten hatte. Sie griff sich kurzerhand die bösen Jungs von Dying Fetus, die ihr - vertreten durch Trey (Schlagzeug) - von nun an Rede und Antwort stehen mussten. Hier vorab die englische Originalfassung, die deutsche Version des Interviews gibt es Kürze.

I see you have been touring for almost two years now and working on a new album. How far are you with the Album and how do you manage touring and recording?

Well the touring and recording life has two different faces of the band. We cannot do both things at the same time. When we're on tour we focus on the song we're playing as well as we can and then when we do go home, we made it pretty clear to our management and booking agents that we want to focus on writing.

As far as progress on the album we're gonna do the pre-production ourselves we have built the recording rag and the rehearsal room. We already started a bit of pre-production , but it's more just like little parts who don't make sense together....yet, so in the next couple of month we gonna make sense out of those parts . We're gonna figure out which parts make sense together and which don't and continue to write songs. That's gonna where the process is.

So how much time do you have in between the tours for recording?

The only stuff we have booked for shows is during the summer on European festivals, which I cannot announce yet, as they have not announced yet, but probably about 4 or 5 month!

That's not too bad...right, well I think we're gonna try to get the recording process done in April or May. That way we can have a release out in the summer, maybe the late summer. And possibly be able to play a new song or two on the festivals we mentioned earlier.

Being on tour, I imagine you are playing a concert every night. Do you ever feel like you need a break from metal music to relax and if so, what other music is playing in your music player, for example right now? I've heard you like Florence and the Machine?

Oh well...I do have a Florence and the Machine cd...well this woman can really sing...but I am not punishing anybody else with it. I actually haven't listen to that Cd for a while but I do appreciate music other than death metal. Sometimes after the show: NO music...just talking...let's just talk.

Or sometimes it is like you throw sepultra on and you just beat the shit out of yourself and just drink to oblivion. But you know it's like a night to night thing. You gonna figure it out and you know last night was a pretty wild night for us, for the tour. Because the night before we met up with cannibal Corpse in Prag. It was a wild night so it is a kind of a hang over recovery day today. So, it wasn't a lot of loud music playing but it was too aggressive, you know .

Let's stay with some questions in regards to touring all over the world. Can you describe a difference between the international crowds? Is the European crowd for example different than the one in Asia?

(Thinking) … I would actually equate it to football fans, and when i am bringing up football I don't mean the American football, you know I mean the soccer fans. It's interesting how the fans in the states are different than over here in Europe or in south America where the mentality is more a little bit like a soccer fan to me. Is little bit more passion in it. Like... what was it...I watched the „flight 666“-DVD from Iron Maiden and they show a show in Buenos Aires and ahhm they start singing „fear of the dark“ and the crowd is louder than the band singing the melody. We did a show in Buenos Aires and during „Homicidal Retribution“, there is a melodic kind of break in the middle and they are singing it like that, as loud and you can get that stuff over here as well.

And in Japan...they are polite...they are very polite people.

So , can you headband politely?

Oh yeah they clap afterwards (laugh) ...No, I don't know it's just such a polite society. And in India you have some of the most passionate fans and South America got some very passionate people about metal. And I think in the next 10 years, 15 years we’re gonna see Asia just blossom into this really cool metal scene. It already has becoming one. I mean you look at our Facebook page and a third of every post is someone of like Thailand or Malaysia...I mean obviously there are really passionate people out there who really wanna rock the fuck out!

Where have you had the craziest concert or a significant Event? (He's thinking)

I know the story with the shit in the bed in the tourbus already, sooo... he is laughing: Ahhhh ok, well you stole it from me then! There is not been a rally wild thing on this tour. The only wild thing was when we met up with Cannibal Corpse and the revocation band. That was two nights before in Prag. Cool day, wild night. As fans you look at people as something bigger than normal person, maybe...I don't know if everybody does, but I did for certain people. And then you meet them and you become friends with them and you walk in the room and they seek you out and they go : He Trey, what's going on, how are you doing?“ And you think 'holy shit, this is the guy...' It's crazy because to go from an icon to a peer. I think that those are some of like the best moments for me on tour. We know each other by name, we know our wife’s names and we meet up outside of tour. That is someone of the stuff that is priceless for me...Those little things make it all worth it.

Have you seen the video of the NO F X Singer punching and kicking a Fan in the face after he jumped on stage? How do you deal with your fans entering the stage as it is actually a normal happening on a brutal death/slam/Grind concert to me anyway and I think it is a kind of declaration of love, a poem of the fans towards the band playing .

When I went on shows I did that to. We were helping make the show better. It depends on whats going on. I had people come up and try to talk to me, while I'm playing drums and I am like „really Dude???,“Or like in between a song , run up and ask for a drumstick. And it's like I still need them...laugh.. and that’s kind of... but we like it, we like the crowd in action at times you leave in here John or Shawn say “get up here this is your stage to just watch out for our equipment and our microphones. We don’t want to have our teeth knocked out. That has happened man! You get somebody that runs into the microphone or runs in front of the microphone to get to the middle of the stage to rock out and they hit their mikes… stuff like that. But that is the part of the magic of the show the chaos you know uuummm but as long as people are having fun. Let us do our thing. Come up take your 15 seconds of fame or whatever it is and jump back in. You know it is cool, we like you up here. You are not another member of the band. You get some guys up there, they are up there for ¾ of a song head banging it is like dude you are not the new front man for Dying Fetus. Jump back out there but we like it. I think that it is we are in a really weird stage of like the band and crowd interaction. Because of the Randy Blythe stuff this now affects things. Where I think people…. the line has been drawn really heavily in the sand right now where I think that the attitude is don’t come up here. Because of things that have happened in recent past that it’s dangerous you are going to hurt the artist with a law suit because you got hurt jumping of the stage and you broke your neck. You know and you are going to sue me now. Now I am apprehensive you know about having that interaction because I don’t want to so it is your responsibility if someone jumps off stage and gets hurt while you are playing? It could be. There are certain festivals in the United States where you have to buy insurance. Being a part of some of these big festivals tours in the Sates like Mayhem or Old Ozz Fest or something like that. As I remember correctly they say you have to buy a little insurance policy that protects you and the tour from the crowd. On the festival they stand behind the barrier It is to protect security, to protect the artist, it is to protect everybody, protect the fan. But you know… But you don’t understand like kicking someone like he did? No… no…

After a tour, how much time passes until you get antsy and wish to be back on the road?

Umm I would say about three weeks. Seriously? Yeah three weeks than I am like I gotta get back out there. It kind of depends on what is going on in my personal life to. You know if I am not enjoying my time at home I want to be out here. Do you all have families? I mean are you married and have children? I don’t have children but I am married. Because than it is harder to stay away for a long time. Right… I don’t have any kids so I don’t have to worry about that but I do have a wife at home. Sean is married, John is not. None of us have kids that we know of… I think it is different for everybody. I mean for me sometimes I want to stay home. Sometimes it is harder to leave home; sometimes I want to get away.

When not on tour can you live off the music alone or do you have a second career?

I have a job at home. If I lived a more budgeted life style I could. We are lucky we don’t make a lot of money but we make enough to cover our bills. If we stayed on the road the ability to live off it is there but if we are not on tour we are not making money. So you have to work when you get home. 

Where does the band name come from? And why did you change the typeface of the Logo?

Ahhh Jason or John figured that one out. They called it ‘Dead Fetus’ for a little bit than it became ‘Dying Fetus’. They were just trying to write the most atrocious horrible band name they could think of… like everyone tries too. Yeah right and I think they did a really good job. I think they did a good job picking the name out. Definitely…It sticks with people, you are either like wow that is cool or like, why would you name your band that! Ha ha ha… 

Please name 3 objects you cannot live without when on tour

Oohh ahhh soap… Power convertor, plug adapter. Cuddly toy? Hahaha noooo. Besides the musical equipment some sort of device for communication laptop or iPhone or something.

Also, while on tour 3 survival skills.

Ahhh get to the bathroom first before everyone else does. Find the secret bathroom. Once the show starts, all the bathrooms get destroyed by the fans. Maybe there is a bathroom only the crew knows about for the venue. It is good to find that one. That is number two survival skill. Ahhhh ear plugs. Make sure you bring ear plugs not just for the shows but for when you are sleeping and the snoring. You got to be able to block it out. Now this is the messed up part. I get home from tour and I cannot sleep without snoring. Hahahaha At a certain point it becomes the lullaby for me. It’s like (he makes snoring sounds) there it is oh I can sleep now. That is fucked upped actually. Some women start snoring after a certain age maybe you have to wait a little bit. Maybe that is why I am very comfortable back home my wife snores now. Maybe you should record it? hahaha

One last question: Do you have a worldly wisdom for me on the way out?

Naaa not really. Maybe talk less and listen more. Yes this is true for everyone! Ok thank you very much.

Interview und Bearbeitung: Laura Vanselow

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